Song of the Sea – By Richard Janes


Song of the Sea

Follow the rhythm as the waves surge and fall,

Then rise, fermata to shake their salten heads

Charging, wind driven to the pebbles rasping call,

Plastic cups and sea shells, spewed from curling reach.

Feel the pounding of the sand heavy load,

And stones grinding in the maw,

Rock graded, shingle beach.


Listen to the wind as it roars and moans

As the oystercatcher runs his lines,

Singing, piercing staccato

Busy in windrow, where his harvest is blown.


With time the tide turns and the wind starts to slow,

Sensual, dolce as she moves through the dunes

Now hear the hiss, sand driven like snow?

As water ebbs and flows,

Weed sways, obligato to a melodic tune.


Hear the Guillimots’ Parliament voice

And the whirr as they take to the air?

Pause for the Kittiwakes’urgent chant,

And the silence of the Fulmars stare.


The haunting sigh of a seal on rocks

With pup she tries to hide,

From the hungry Gulls’ raucous lament.

This is the ensemble for all to hear;

Conducted by wind and tide.


From howling storm to summer surf,

With Nature following in harmony,

This is the beautiful libretto text

And eternal song of the sea.


Richard Janes

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