Exploring Marine Biodiversity By Kayak (2 day course)

On this exciting new course we will be paddling to various locations and exploring what life we find.  Many questions will be raised on our adventures, e.g. why are there so many more species in sheltered rocky shores in comparison to exposed shingle beaches?  Why are estuarine sediment shores more productive in the winter than the summer?  The list is endless and will be inspired by the curiosity of our clients!  Between us all, perhaps we can devise plausible answers and inspire more curiosity on our future kayaking journeys.

We will be exploring the Ecology of the marine/terrestrial boundary, a border that has only rarely been crossed during the evolutionary history of our planet.  Interestingly, species richness is far greater in terrestrial ecosystems than marine.  However, phylum (a higher level of classification – see below) diversity is much greater in the oceans, probably due to life originating and having more time to evolve here.  The Anglesey seashore is a fantastic coastline to explore a great many member species of these marine phyla – they are surprisingly unusual when you view them in detail!

Kingdom > Phylum > Class > Order > Family > Genus > Species

Additionally, we will be wanting to investigate the conditions conducive to their survival, i.e. where our species are adapted to thrive.  This will involve relating the marine species to their abiotic (physical) conditions and biotic factors, e.g. predators and prey.  Indeed, food chains and webs will be a key feature of our interest.

33889745422_344a92a59d_n       Dogwhelks (Nucella lapillus) feeding on barnacles (Balanus balanoides)

We will be based from Anglesey Outdoors – www.angleseyoutdoors.com.  They offer private rooms, bunkhouse, camping, yurt options and their own onsite pub/restaurant.

You are free to use whatever accommodation you prefer – but we will meet at Anglesey Outdoors each morning, unless otherwise stated.

The programme will be tailored to the weather and tidal conditions of the weekend.  Luckily, Anglesey has great ecosystems to explore on each side of island!

Venue: Anglesey North Wales
Course Fee: £180

Course Dates:

Sat/Sun 18-19 May 2019

        Also available as a bespoke course, with dates to suit you.  Please enquire.