British Canoeing Courses


BC 1 Star Training and Assessment

The 1 star is designed as an introductory award, set at the level typically reached by most people after an introductory course with around 6 hours on the water.  During our Introduction/taster excursion/courses we cover the BC 1* syllabus. If you meet the assessment criteria by the end of the course you may, on request, be awarded your BC 1* certificate.  BC 1* award information.


BC 2 Star Training and Assessment

The introduction to sea kayaking 2 day course covers all of the kayaking assessment criteria of the BCU 2 star award.  However, as this is both a single and double bladed (canoe and kayak) proficiency award we would need to arrange, on request, an extra canoe session, in order to complete this award.  BC 2* award information.


BC 3 Star Sea Kayak Training and Assessment

Successful completion of the BC 3 Star Sea Kayak award means that you can consider yourself an intermediate paddler, capable of paddling as a useful group member in moderate water. BC 3* award information.