Cemlyn to The Skerries and back on a spring ebb tide, 5 Jan 2018

A great day out with Ed for our first trip of 2018 to The Skerries.

9.68m Tide Liverpool.  SW Swell 0.8m, 10sec.  Negligible wind.

We arrived at Harry Furlough’s at 12:00 for the start of the ebbing tiderace and surfed there for one hour.


We arrived at The Skerries at 13:50, following a surf at Victoria Bank.


We departed The Skerries at 14:20, to attempt the crossing of Carmel Sound.  The ebb current was now at its strongest rate.


The Platters on lively form.



Arriving at Carmel Head’s ebb eddy, adjacent to Ynys Fydlyn, at 15:00.


Ynys Fydlyn



Rounding Carmel Head on our way back to Cemlyn at 15:20.



The view back to The Skerries.  We arrived back at Cemlyn soon after 16:00.



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