The Anglesey Expedition 2020

The Anglesey Expedition is a fantastic 6 day camping trip.  If the conditions are favourable, we hope to complete a full circumnavigation of the island.  

The Anglesey circumnavigation traverses some fast and useful tidal flows.  Occasionally, unhelpful environmental conditions preclude the navigation of exposed shores.  To maximise our chances of circumnavigating the island, we have extended the expedition from 5 to 6 days.

For our last expedition of 2020 we have increased the number of guides working on this trip from 1 to 2.  The number of client spaces has increased slightly from 4 to 6.  Our new improved guide:client ratio is now 2:6 (better than the previous 1:4 ratio).

In 2019 we provided three Anglesey circumnavigation opportunities.  Two of these were were successfully completed.  The third was also a stunning team work and camping success.  However, the West Coast was too dynamic to paddle during that particular adventure.

The start of the first 2019 Anglesey expedition
The elated 2019 expedition, number 3!

The highlights of Anglesey expeditioning include: stunning sunsets/rises, great company, the opportunity to immerse in a different natural routine and stunning wildlife thriving in an amazing environment.

The 2020 Opportunity

Sunday – Friday 5 – 10 July,  2020

This may also be available as a bespoke course, with dates to suit you.  Please enquire.


£550           (a £100 deposit secures your place)

Only 6 spaces available….

Previous paddling experience required – Comfortable paddling in moderate water conditions.